as soon as you call a white person racist they suddenly have a degree in your culture 

#Wikipedia University #Majoring in Googlenomics #Minoring in IHaveABrownFriendology

LMAOOOOO but so true though!

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I like how people act like you can’t be racist and sleep with a person of color as if misogynists don’t sleep with women all the time


stumpin’ at the dog park


The Breakfast of champions. Pancakes, Bacon and sausage.


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Infinite Jest, Page 169: “Leaves”


Found erasure poetry from David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest by Jenni B. Baker

"Leaves" - an erasure poem from page 169 of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest

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One of my favorite twitter exchanges

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Pie Comic by John McNamee [tumblr]

Republicans have made a mockery of governance for well-over five years, and it is all due to their racial animus toward Barack Obama they disguise with words like tyrant, executive overreach, dictator, and imperial president. However, according to the definition of tyrant, it is Republicans in Congress who have spent over five years attempting to wield ultimate control over everything, rule according to their own advantage rather than the people they were elected to serve, use extremely cruel tactics against their own constituents, and rule according to massively oppressive character. And what drives their tyranny against their fellow countrymen besides hatred of the people is their racially driven animus toward an African American in the White House. Now because they have failed to discredit and destroy Barack Obama’s Presidency they are taking him to court for the Confederate crime of being the President of the United States while being Black; not because he is a tyrant but because they are filthy despicable racists.

Filthy Despicable Racism Is The Real Reason Why Republicans Are Suing President Obama



Dan Mintz shows us how Bob’s Burgers is a big hit at FOX SDCC.

Dan Mintz, beloved voice of Tina in Bob’s Burgers, was brutally murdered in our photo booth during Comic-Con.

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